Congratulations on your wedding! You have found your true soul mate! A person you want to share forever with; that one special person who brings out the best in you. The one and only with whom you want to create infinite memories that will last a lifetime.

Your Wedding day is a special day when countless memories are created and having the perfect hairstyle and makeup to go with your wedding gown is essential.

Yair and his team of professionals can help you attain the image you always dreamed of, whether it is sexy and confident, bold and daring, or classy and timeless. Every bride wants to look amazing on her special day and it is Yair’s professional experience that will create that perfect and exquisite look.

Every woman has different needs and wants. Every woman portrays herself with distinct characteristics. On your wedding day, your hairstyle highlights everything that makes you who you are. The possibilities are endless.  And that is why getting to know each bride-to-be in advance plays a big role in understanding those desires and allows for the opportunity to make that bride’s dream become a reality. 

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